ماژول منوکسید کربنCJMCU-811

ماژول منوکسید کربنCJMCU-811

CJMCU-811 is a digital gas sensor which is low power consumption, it can work in battery work equipment. It integrates CCS801 sensor and 8-bits MCUs (with analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)), can be used to run the first-level algorithm. Meantime, it integrates 12-bits ADC, so that can be applied for reading of sensor and digitized conversions. The sensor can output I2C signal directly, make directly communication with main system.
The sensor can be used for detecting air quality indoor, including CO2, extensive volatile organic compound gases (VOCs) and metal oxide gases (MOX).


  • High sensitivity, fast heating.
  • It can intelligent algorithm calculates the TVOC/Eco2 value.
  • Has reset / interrupt control.
  • I2C interface can be connected to the main system directly.

قیمت: 280000 تومان
قیمت برای شما: 280000 تومان